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  • Are the Oiled or Unfinished Ash Clothespins Better?
    Most people choose the oiled option. This provides some protection from the elements and can be reapplied. The one downside is some customers do not like the smell of linseed oil. If you want to use your own finish or have a strong sense of smell, we recomend selecting the unfinished ash pins.
  • Will the Linseed Oil Stain my Clothes?
    Linseed oil dries hard so it should not transfer to clothes. We have made quite a few clothespins and not had anyone complain that it got on clothing.
  • Where are the Clothespins Made?
    All the work is done in Tomball, TX. The material is sourced from the USA as well. The ash hardwood we use is from the Southern USA or lower Appalachian including Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. The Ash trees from this area have a finer texture and machinability than it’s Northern counterpart, and tends to have a more uniform white color with less of the brown heartwood. The full coiled stainless steel springs are sourced from a spring manufacturer in the Northeast USA. Heritage Clothespin (Made in USA) on Top and Foreign Made Pin on the Bottom.
  • How Big are Your Clothespins?
    Length: 3-1/2" Width: 7/16" Height: 9/16" at teeth increasing to 1" at grip grooves Spring Gauge: 13 gauge SS wire
  • How Wide Do Your Clothespins Open?
    At the first set of teeth, they open to around 5/8".
  • These Clothespins are Expensive. Why Do They Cost So Much?
    Heritage Clothespins are handmade in the USA with hardwood ash lumber and stainless steel springs resulting in a quality clothespin that will last for years. They are inspected numerous times through the 12 step process to ensure they will reliably hold your clothes on the line in strong wind and not twist apart like other pins from the big box stores are prone to do. As with pretty much anything these days, you get what you pay for.
  • What is the Warranty for Your Pins?
    Our clothespins are covered by a Workmanship Warranty, which means that if the pins break from a defect in the wood/spring or do not function as intended due to the way they were made, then a refund will be issued or the pins will be replaced once the originals have been returned.


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