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Ash Clothespins - Qty. 50 DIY Factory Seconds

Ash Clothespins - Qty. 50 DIY Factory Seconds

SKU: 0002

This pack comes with 110 seconds clothespin halves and 50 stainless steel springs for you to sand, finish and assemble yourself to make 50 pins for a greatly reduced price per pin. These will be in various stages of finish, but most will be raw. We will also include a strip of sandpaper.


    These ash clothespin halves are considered seconds as each one has a been deamed imperfect.  There might be a burn on the sides from the saw.  They could be slightly thinner/wider than intended.  The half might also have a chip/crack in it or it could be that there are dents in the wood from the tumbling process.  These halves will make functional pins, but they are not perfect.  These come with the same full coiled stainless steel springs as the full priced clothespins.


    Suggested Uses: Laundry, cloth diapers, kitchen clips, décor, crafts...there are hundreds of ways to use our handcrafted clothespins. Let your imagination guide you.


    Due to the nature of these clothespins pieces, we will not replace them.  Upon receipt, if you would like to return the packaged pins for a refund, please use the contact page on our site.


    FREE Shipping on orders totaling over $40.00 in the USA!

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