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DOUBLE Ash Clothespins - Oiled

DOUBLE Ash Clothespins - Oiled


These Heritage Clothespins double pins were made using full coiled, stainless steel springs and hardwood ash lumber.


    These DOUBLE Clothespins have two uses:


    • They can be used during the colder months of the year, when clothes may freeze to the clothesline.  Once the clothes are done on the line, one end of the pin can be detached, brought inside, then hung back up to thaw and finish drying.
    • The double pin will handle garments/blankets that may be too thick for our normal pin; since one end will attach to the line, the other end will be freed up to solely grasp the material by itself.


    Valued for its high strength and resilience, the ash tree is genus of flowering plants in the olive and lilac family. Because ash is low in naturally occurring tannins (a compound in lumber that can stain cloth), this set of clothespins is ideal for use on laundry. These pins are tumbled and finished with linseed oil.


    Suggested Uses: Laundry, cloth diapers, kitchen clips, décor, crafts...there are hundreds of ways to use our handcrafted clothespins. Let your imagination guide you.


    If any of our pins break due to a defect in the material or workmanship, we will refund you or replace the pins.


    FREE Shipping on orders totaling over $40.00 in the USA!

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