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Full Coiled Stainless Steel Springs

Full Coiled Stainless Steel Springs


FREE SHIPPING on all spring orders.

The price per spring goes down as more are ordered.

  • Product Info

    These are among the best clothespin springs around because they are:


    • Made in the United States of America by a spring manufacturer whose been in business for over eight decades.
    • Stainless Steel so they won't rust.
    • Thick gauge so the spring will keep its shape.
    • Full coiled resulting in a strong grip meaning your drying clothes won't fall to the ground.


    If you are interested in making high qualty clothespins for your own use, to give away as gifts or to start your own small business, these are the springs you want.


    Note: The comparison photos show the typical spring you get on clothespins from Big-Box stores on the left while the springs on the right are what we sell.

  • DIY Details

    In addition to these springs, we recomend purchasing a pdf plans book with details on how to make the clothespin halves.  You can purchase and download the plans here:


    Specifications & Project Notes for Making Classic American Clothespins by Herrick Kimball

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