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Magnet Clothespins

Magnet Clothespins


The cherry, oak and walnut clothespins were made using full coiled, stainless steel springs and two rare-earth magnets.


    These magnet clothespins pins are available in cherry, oak and walnut.  We have added rare-earth magnets (the strongest type of permanent magnets made) to one of the two walnut clothespins in this pack making it perfect for use as a fridge magnet.  After the magnets are installed, we the pins are finished with Classic Clothespin Wax, which protects the pins and makes them smooth to the touch.


    Dark, richly colored walnut is prized for its true heartwood which makes it strong and resistant to decay.  Historically, walnut lumber has been used to make things like rifles and furniture, but we think it makes beautiful clothespins.


    Cherry, viewed as one of the finest North American hardwoods, is often used in high end cabinetry, furniture and flooring. When first cut, it has a light red tint, but the color will get darker and richer with age.


    Oak is a strong wood with an easily reconized, but appealing grain pattern.  The oak we use for these pins was cut and milled locally.


    Note: Cherry, Oak and Walnut lumber are rich in natural tannins. Do not use these pins to hang your laundry as tannins could cause stains. Also, remember that the metal magnets and springs could scratch a stainless steel refrigerator, though we have not experienced this problem.


    If any of our pins break due to a defect in the material or workmanship, we will refund you or replace the pins.


    FREE Shipping on orders totaling over $40.00 in the USA!

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