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Variety Pack

Variety Pack


This variety pack, which makes a great gift, comes with 10 assembled clothespins made of walnut, cherry, maple, hickory and ash; all of which have the full coiled stainless steel springs. Included is one walnut pin with three rare earth magnets that can be used as a fridge magnet.


    Dark, richly colored walnut is prized for its true heartwood which makes it strong and resistant to decay. Historically, walnut lumber has been used to make things like rifles and furniture, but we think it makes beautiful clothespins. We have added rare-earth magnets (the strongest type of permanent magnets made) to one of the two walnut clothespins in this pack making it perfect for use as a fridge magnet.


    Also, included are two pins made of cherry.   Cherry, viewed as one of the finest North American hardwoods, is often used in high-end cabinetry, furniture and flooring. When first cut, it has a light red tint, but the color will get darker and richer with age.


    The third variety of clothespins are made with ash lumber. Valued for its high strength and resilience, the ash tree is genus of flowering plants in the olive and lilac family. Because ash is low in naturally occurring tannins (a compound in lumber that can stain cloth), these are ideal for use on laundry.


    The maple pins included in this pack are also good to use with laundry.  They are lighter in color and have a smooth, elegant grain pattern.  We enjoy working with maple the most out of all five wood types in this pack because it comes off of our saw with crisp, smooth cuts.


    The last type of pin used in this pack is Hickory.  This wood is dense and durable, making it useful in applications of high stress such as baseball bats and lacross sticks. It is also popular for smoking and barbequing as it adds a nice flavor to the meat. The majority of the lumber is lighter, with streaks of darker brown.

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